Troubleshootings of air compressor

The Common Mistakes of Compressors and Corrective Action
Here we present some of the most fundamental roots of the screw compressor: These errors eliminate the mechanical part of the root that is visible to the naked eye and sounds like a strange noise. , in the engine bay, broken ball bearings, …

01 Motor overload:
Representation of thermal relays, motor current exceeds the norm

This error is usually caused by the following major causes:
– Phase error, phase loss (with unprotected phase)
– main engine failure. Engine oil grease, jamming, gear jam, transmission … increase the load
– The compressor head is jammed, the ball is broken / mechanically sealed, the shaft offset, oil seal. This is the most common case.

Consequences: fire engine, fire switch equipment in the cabinet. In many cases, the fact that the thermal relays have not affected the engine has burned.

02 High temperatures
The manifestation of this error is that the compressor temperature from 95 degrees Celsius to 110 degrees C can be caused by one or more of the following factors – High temperature environment. You should refer to the ventilation method for the compressor room when it is recommended to keep the room temperature at 40 degrees Celsius. You can read the impact of the environment on the compressor oil and air compressor – Cause of failure of cooling fan, blockage / blockage of oil circulation, heat exchanger rigged, deposit to the cooling system weakened not meet the requirements of the machine. – Low compressor oil level. Check the oil level and add – Switches for dirty, dirty oil should be checked and re-sanitized if there is a temperature measuring device measuring the oil pipe temperature difference before entering the tank and the tube from the cooling tank. – Oil break valve (Chinese machine usually do not have this valve) – The compressor head is limited to use, the surface of the screw, the surface of the mirror is deformed … resulting in unwanted mechanical collision in the compression element. Mechanical collisions result in more heat than the amount of heat the cooling system can disperse.

03 phase error.
In the process of repairing the electrical system, it can cause phase reversal or when the backup generators in the compressor are integrated in the control panel or using relays. Depending on the specific machine we have a specific case. In case of this error, we only need to reverse 2 of the 3 phases of the compressor power supply is normal operation

04 phase lost:
This bug checks the rooting system noticeably

05 High exhaust temperature:
Expression of exhaust gas temperature exceeds 110 degrees Celsius. Fix: Oil spill check
These are faults that can immediately identify serious faults such as oil drainage … need to contact the compressor repair air to correct immediately.

Analysis and troubleshooting of air compressor:

1. The machine will not start up the fault light Reason:

• The bridge is broken

• Overload protection

• Loose splicing or poor contact

• The grid voltage is too low

• engine failure

• Air compressor trouble

• Protection phase

2. The operating current is too high, the compressor stops reason:

• Voltage too low

• Excessive pressure

• Poor electrical contact

• Improper lubricant specifications Loose belts

• oil filter switch

3. The operating current is lower than normal

• The air is too large • switch the air filter on

• The air valve does not work well

• Adjustment of the damper is not satisfactory

• Inadequate pressure settings

4. High exhaust temperature, air compressor emergency stop

• insufficient lubricant

• insufficient cooling water

• The temperature of the cooling water is too high

• ambient temperature too high> 40 degrees

• oil cooler switch

• The compressor oil is not suitable

• heat valve failure (3-way valve)

• The radiator is dirty, poor heat dissipation

• oil filter switch

• defective fan blades

• heat sensor is damaged