There are many types of paint guns available on the market, each of which is compatible with the paint products. So what is the use of automatic paint spray guns and what are the features?

What is automatic paint spray?

  • As the name, the automatic gun is a gun that is controlled and used through a central control unit. It is automatically set as the spraying time and the break time when the product passes through. sensor (sensor) in a closed process not through human impact.

How automatic spray paint works:

Automatic spray gun is divided into 3 parts as follows

Automatic paint gun:

There are many different types of automatic paint spray guns on the market today, but in general the automatic spray guns have the same operating mechanism as the air lines and lead paint with symbols such as on the gun body:

  • FLUID: The wire is the paint line connected to the paint pump (or paint mixing tank) that provides direct and automatic paint to the gun.
  • CAP:: This is the connection to the air duct that provides air for the paint cover to paint the tear, smooth and gloss.
  • CYL: This is the connection to the air duct that turns the needle to paint or break paint


Paint pump or paint mixing tank automatically

  • Mission: provide direct paint to the paint spray gun so that paint spray guns operate continuously without having to leave for paint like hand spray paint guns.


Automatic paint spray guns are applied in the manufacturing industries such as automobile paint, furniture, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, painting, color tile, galvanized paint.

The most popular brands are Prona, Iwata, Meiji, Wagner ….

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