When your compressor system in suitable place, ensuring the technical requirements and routine maintenance, the service life of the unit will be longer and you do not have to repair minor faults, or  excessive noise of the machine …

Enviroment to set up

There must be a suitable place to place the compressor, preferably a machine in a room that meets the following requirements:

The room is spacious and bright enough for operation and maintenance, the machine is kept soundproof, surrounded by walls and ceiling at least 1.2 meters. The room should have appropriate ventilation.

The environment should not be too hot (<40oC) and dust, the machine should have cooling fan with flow greater than the compressor fan.

Attention to the direction of sunlight can affect the rise in ambient temperature If properly maintained, the conditions on the machine will be less dusty and the acidification and other corrosion will be slow.

If the quality of gas is below the standard, it is best to install the filter to clean the gas.

With the structure in the box and mounted on the rack, this type of compressor can move on the surrounding floor. If you move upstairs, you must take measures to protect from abrasion.

Installation requirements of the electrical system

Should be recommended to install a separate power supply system for the machine, which can prevent the overload or unbalance of three phases when connected to other devices and the three phases have a stable voltage in accordance with the electrical Nominal motor voltage, voltage within tolerance 5% of rated voltage.
Select the correct power cable that the machine requires.
The output and motor power must be the same.
Check for leaks (openings) of gas pipes or water pipes.

Daily work

Safety inspection of power system:
Safety inspection of the piping system
Check the position of the valve in the effective state, the valve outlet gas open.
Turn on the power and start up the compressor’s peripheral equipment as the pre-gas dryer.
Start the compressor and make sure it is working normally, such as when start-up time, engine noise, air pressure, lubricant pressure, gas temperature, and total recording figures.
After a while, check the oil level, if below or below the limit, add the required amount of lubricant.
If you see unusual signs, press the “OFF” button or the emergency button, only restart after the repair is complete

Important things when operating the machine

Stop the machine immediately when any unusual sound occurs.
Do not loosen the conduit, do not open the bolts and nuts or close the valves under pressure.
Replace the oil if the oil level is too low.
Operation should be suitable for changes including pressure system pressure, system temperature, differential pressure differential, oil level and operating time.


The amount of lubricating oil is essential to the performance and performance of the screw compressor. If the oil is missing, it will cause some damage to the compressor, so use the special oil of the screw compressor. The special oil used for screw compressors is very good, viscosity at about 66 ° C is very suitable for screw compressors and it is a factor against degradation, it is difficult to dissolve into water form milk or foam and anti-wear etc.

Schedule to change oil
Initially, change the oil after 500 hours (rotary)
At the next change should be after about 2,000 hours with the machine uses mineral oil, or up to 4000 hours if using synthetic oil.
(the environment is not as good as dust, high outside temperatures, short oil use time)

Change oil filter and oil

Turn the drain valve slowly so that the compressor does not charge for about 3 minutes.
Stop the machine and turn off the power.
As the pressure in the oil-gas separator is gone, open the oil line slowly and then rotate about ten turns.
Use a special opener to remove the oil filter, place it in the oil container and wipe it clean when no oil flows out.
Remove oil filter.
Remove the oil drain plug and the oil drain plug so that the lubricant automatically flows into the oil tank and prevents oil from contaminating the environment.
Turn off the oil valve and place the oil drain plug to lubricate the oil level to the limit.
Let the machine stop after about 5 minutes of operation, check the pressure system of the oil-gas tank. When the oil level is maintained stable is OK