Improve the working efficiency, select the type of woodworking compressed air compressed air suitable for work, how to synchronize pneumatic tools achieve the most effective.

We offer solutions using compressed air tools. Ensure optimum use of the product, as well as durability of hand-held pneumatic tools.
The questions we shared with clients include:
– How to use compressed air flow effectively?
– Design of compressed air pressure with pneumatic tools to avoid pressure drop when operating?
– Maintenance of compressed air tools?
– Using air ducts, self-withdrawing windings, compressed air fittings to synchronize equipment?

To ensure that the pneumatic wood sanding machine works best, optimally, with durability I would like to share some experiences for the best pneumatic tools:
– Stable work flow
– The gas pressure is always stable
– Periodic maintenance of compressed air tools – pneumatic wood sanding machine
(simplest regular oiling every time use)
– The quality of gas to ensure clean and avoid the steam is the damage of compressed air tools
– Use compressed air coupling to ensure tightness, high durability
– Use self-extracting windings or steam coils to ensure the pressure, as well as the frequency of work to avoid steam wiring.

Some of our pneumatic wood sanding machines are specialized or used today, we supply some big factories such as AUSTDOOR, SALIM, EUROWINDOW, …

1. Pneumatic square sanding machine (pneumatic wood sanding machine)
This product line is available in two standard sizes: 100x180mm, 75x110mm. This feature features dust extraction, no dust extraction.

Pneumatic square sanding machine ( vaccum cleaner)
Pneumatic square sanding machine ( vaccum cleaner)
Pneumatic square sanding machine ( no vaccum cleaner)

2. Wood-air circular saw sanding machine
Products used for automotive, boat maintenance, fine arts (cleaning surface), standard size 2 “, 3 ”, 4 ”, 5 ”, 6 The product line features dust extraction, no dust extraction.

Wood-air circular saw sanding machine

3. Pneumatic sanding machine
The effective solution for automotive co-coating, standard size 10 × 330mm, 20 × 520mm

Pneumatic sanding machine 10x330mm

Pneumatic sanding machine 20x520mm

The consultants put forward the following solutions:
Air flow to meet the performance
The solution to reduce the compressed air pressure when using pneumatic equipment, the ability to operate at maximum capacity
Consulting – design – solution – synchronous – installation – operation – handover

All of the pneumatic hand tools we offer are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS)

VIET-SING TECH carries out the motto: “ALWAYS SUPPORT CUSTOMERS, LISTENING, SHARING, CONSULTING CUSTOMERS” offering appropriate equipment, quality, long lasting and reasonable price.
Hope the pneumatic tools products will bring optimal performance to customers, thank customers have trust, believe in the products we provide.

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