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  • Air Refrigerated Dryer Performance Consistent outlet dew points over a wide range of operating conditions Efficiency   Low energy usage and low pressure drop Reliability   Long trouble free service life Heat Exchangers Manufactures heat exchangers specifically for compressed air. Our design maximizes heat exchanger efficiency by using spiral copper tubes in-shell arrangement. Tube sizes are carefully chosen so that fluid velocities are maintained through the tubes. This promotes turbulence, break up boundary layers ad maximizes the heat transfer rate with the minimum pressure drop. To further increase heat transfer efficiency, counter-flow pattern is used for maximum temperature difference. In addition, air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger is fully encapsulated in non-degrading urethane foam insulation to prevent the loss of any cooling effect. A large air-to-air heat exchanger allows air entering the dryer to be precooled by the chilled air exiting the dryer. With cooler air entering the air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger, a smaller, more economical refrigeration system can be used.

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