1. Mixer Chemical PRONA Machine – 200 litres

This type of fixing will be clamped on the barrel edge, easy to remove, applied to the drum barrel 200 liters.
With 5 piston motor capacity of up to ½ HP, it can be applied to high density chemicals such as glue, PU paint … The compressed air volume is from 3 ~ 5 kg.未命名 -2

2. Mixer Chemical PRONA Machine – Centrifugal Motor Stirrer 200 litres

With this design, the agitator will mix more and do not spray paint or chemicals out
Using 5 piston mortar head, capacity of ½ HP, specialized for high viscosity chemicals such as glue, rubber, PU paint.

3. Mixer Chemical PRONA Machine– 4-legged mixer with 20 liters

There are 4 legs to the tank, horsepower 1 / 8HP, 3 piston motor
– This form is used for stirring small chemical tanks of about 20 liters

未命名 -2

4. Mixer Chemical PRONA Machine – Moving up-down 20 litres

-This is the preferred type of liquid stirrer, which can be moved up and down depending on the volume of paint tank you are stirring

– 1 / 8HP, power 20 ~ 40 litres

未命名 -2

5. Mixer Chemical PRONA Machine – Handles

Type this fit for the job of the user use hand to shake to the quality, dynamic switch
1/8 HP, capacity 20 litres

6. Mixer Chemical PRONA Machine– Type of mini

This type is used in the blending room pilot, or stirring fit in small solution
1 / 16HP, capacity 10 litres

未命名 -2

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