Repairing and maintenance service includes the following:

Repair air compressor:
This is a common pattern in developed countries. Your factories only needs a technician to plan maintenance and repair work performed by VIET-SING TECH Air Compressor..
No cost to manage, hire managers.
No annual training costs for maintenance.
No cost for initial investment in building workshops, equipment procurement, machine tools, maintenance.
Employ only when needed.Reduce costs for procurement and maintenance of common backup supplies. Supplies at the warehouse VIET-SING TECH air compressor is available when needed. The factory only buys spare parts of the plant and its own unique materials.

Repair the air compressor according to current condition:
This service of VIET-SING TECH air compressor will fix specific problems as required and only warranty with specific repair or replacement equipment. VIET-SING TECH compressor only encourages you to repair this cause if your company is technically competent to operate the machine with follow-up during compressed air usage. In terms of cost of repair, this is not a complete savings solution, which can affect the continuous operation of the plant.

Maintenance air compressor:
If you need a compressed air supply that is stable enough to minimize problems that affect production, this is an option that fits your needs. VIET-SING TECH Air Compressor is responsible for periodically inspecting the replacement of accessory parts. Maintenance and repair are usually planned in a way that does not affect production. In this service, objective faults, broken parts of the machine are the force majeure factors replaced after a certain period of time such as the control panel, wear and tear of screws … will be repaired. With the repair form the status.

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